Search for Existence is a unique and extremely beneficial learning experience for students of all ages. It’s an engrossing mystery novel, multi-subject science textbook, and spiritual awakening all rolled into one.
The manager of a secluded government agency that tackles world-class problems asks his two best analysts, Connie and Phil, to solve what may be the greatest mystery of all: the nature of our existence. Connie declines the request because her own scrutiny of the subject nearly drove her crazy. But the enthusiasm of her young protégé eventually changes her mind about working on the project. And in the process they provide an inspirational journey for students of all ages, who will explore many facets of both the science and the nature of our existence in a captivating way.
Search for Existence is a book unlike any other. It’s like reading a science textbook with a unifying theme from cover to cover and enjoyable characters to guide you and help you understand the material.
The book is the perfect educational tool for students, not only teaching them to learn as much as they can but to be inquisitive, ask questions, and contemplate on their own. They will also see how top-notch problem solvers develop an approach, deal with failure, and recharge their determination in order to reach a gratifying solution.
In determining the nature of our existence, Connie and Phil explore a wide variety of scientific subjects, which include astrology, atomic structure, biology, biological evolution, botany, earthlike planet characteristics, elementary particles, energy sources, human emotions, intelligence, natural selection, nerve cells, neurotransmitter chemicals, probability estimates, quantum physics, science/philosophy/religion, special and general relativity, the brain, the four forces (gravity, electromagnetism, strong force, the weak force), universe properties (the big bang, expansion, contraction, folding, dark matter, dark energy, etc.), Wonders of the World. They don’t overwhelm you with too many details, just enough to help you comprehend a subject.
In this regard the book helps students get acquainted with various scientific topics apart from experiencing more of the details in a classroom. And a good time to read it is during a school break in College, High School or perhaps even in Middle School.
After the main storyline the book also gives advice on how to improve your learning ability, regardless whether you are in grade school, college, or on a regular job.